GLC-Eupora resident writes religious poem

By LaDonna Caffey, ADC GLC- Eupora

The following poem was written by Helen Dunn, who resides at Golden LivingCenter-Eupora. During this Easter season, please remember that Jesus bled and died for you and me that we may have eternal life. Everyone will spend eternity somewhere; will you spend it in heaven or hell? As you read this poem, please let it minister to your heart and let you know that you are loved with an everlasting love. ‘Jesus’ Jesus left His home above, Because His heart was filled with love, For sinners that did not know His name. He came because the world was lost, He knew He must pay the cost. To save them, that is why He came. He came to do His father’s will, To die upon Golgotha’s hill, He hung there in pain and agony, The blood was flowing from His side As Jesus bowed His head and died, For that was the only way you see. Oh Jesus, the only One, Who’s ever done so greater thing for me, To sacrifice and give His life, So then I could then go free, I thank Him for His saving grace, At Calvary He took my place, Yes, Jesus, He gave His life for me. That night in Gethsemane, He prayed let this cup pass from me, Oh Father if it be Thy will, But there was no one else so good to take His place, they never could, so Jesus died that I might live. ~ written by Helen Dunn, March 2012