GLC-Eupora enjoys adventures on Trace

From GLC-Eupora

On March 23, four residents and three staff members from Golden LivingCenter-Eupora enjoyed a ride up the Natchez Trace to Witch Dance. “Departing Golden Living at 10:45 a.m., we started our journey and had a great time viewing the scenery along the way,” stated LaDonna Caffey, ADC. Upon arrival to Witch Dance around noon, we stopped and read the sign about the area. The words on the sign are: WITCH DANCE Witch Dance — the very name conjures visions of eerie midnights, swirling black capes and brooms stacked against a nearby tree! The old folks say the witches once gathered her to dance, and that wherever their feet touched the ground the grass withered and died, never to grow again. Impossible? — maybe so, but look around, look for a hidden spot where no grass grows. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Having read the sign, the residents began to search for areas where the grass had withered and died. Then the residents and staff located a picnic area and began to unload and prepare for the noon meal. The meal consisted of Southern fried chicken breast strips with choices of honey mustard, sweet & sour and ranch for dipping; seasoned tater babies and rolls. A choice of canned drinks was available to drink with Girl Scout cookies and Little Debbie snack cakes for dessert. Those who attended had their picture made with a beautiful background of dogwood trees and pines. Also, Amy Potts, activity assistant/CNA, provided each resident an opportunity to view and talk about the dogwood tree and the beautiful blooms. We departed the picnic area around 1 p.m. and began to travel toward Eupora. Brenda Beardain, social services assistant/CNA/ transportation, decided to treat us to an area we had never visited, but were curious to “check it out.” We turned at Bynum Mounds and viewed the two mounds, walking track and were interested to view the tags on vehicles parked at the location to learn what state they were from. Everyone had a great time riding, talking, eating and viewing the beautiful landscape. We returned to the facility around 3 p.m. to Golden Living, and everyone was eager to share their experience with their friends at the home.