National 911 Telecommunicator Week ongoing

From Press Reports

Communities across the United States are recognizing those who help save lives and property in times of personal or community crisis during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, April 8-14. NPSTW gives Americans the opportunity to thank 911 phone operators, dispatchers and the technicians that maintain radio and emergency phone systems; also managers and 911 directors of communication across the country who work hard every day to protect communities and citizens. This is a small way each year where people are able to thank their local public safety telecommunicators who are the public’s first contacts during emergencies and who are performing mission critical tasks behind the scenes supporting police, fire and emergency medical personnel. The public can honor its 911 dispatchers by saying “Thank you” in person, or sending thank you notes to their agency. National Telecommunications Week was established in 1981 to raise awareness of the hard work and dedication of 911 dispatchers and directors who provide a vital link to the public safety services on which communities rely every day. Webster County 911 staff that serve the community are agency Director Jimmy McLemore; TAC Officer Tiana O’Briant; and dispatchers Libby Brand, Seth Mitchell, Christine Denley, Heather Box and Amy Broadhead. These professionals are constantly training and learning new methods to provide the best service necessary in an emergency for the citizens of Webster County.