Maben Library hosts Easter egg hunt

From Maben Public Library

MABEN — The library was running over with tiny tots “toting” Easter baskets for the annual Easter egg hunt at the Maben Public Library on March 30. Children showed up dressed for spring in their shorts and T-shirts for the boys and shorts, shirts, and hair bows for the girls. I did notice an abundance of Band-Aids on knobby knees. OUCH!! As usual Ms. Mary had the children gather up for the story, which was “Easter” by Gail Gibbons. This was the traditional story of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus, the son of God. When Jesus was old enough, he began teaching, preaching and performing miracles. One day Jesus and his disciples traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover, which is the spring festival for the Jews. As he traveled into Jerusalem, the people proclaimed him the king of Israel. Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples, where he told them that one of them would betray him. This meal is called The Last Supper. Later, when Jesus went into the garden to pray, Judas told Jesus’ enemies where he could be found. More enemies told the governor, Pontius Pilate, that Jesus was becoming too powerful, claiming he broke laws and was claiming to be God. They wanted him put to death. Which they did by nailing him to a cross; later the body was placed in a tomb and a stone was rolled in front of it. On the third day after he died, the stone was found rolled away and the tomb was empty. Jesus appeared several times in the 40 days after his death. He then ascended into heaven. This is the heart of the Easter story. The word “Easter” comes from the word “Eostre,” the goddess of spring. The egg is the symbol of life. Some families celebrate Easter Sunday by lighting candles and displaying Easter lilies. Many families hold Easter egg hunts and have egg-rolling contests. Some families gather for Easter meals, attend Easter parades, and buy new clothes and bonnets to wear to church services. Easter is considered a religious holiday. Afterwards, all 13 children and all the parents and grandparents gathered out in the park for the traditional Easter egg hunt. Ms. Dottie Dewberry and Mrs. Rita Templeton had hidden the eggs while the children listened to the story. On the count of three, the mad dash was on. Pretty soon every kid knew what to look for: colored eggs filled with candy. YUM! YUM! Finally, Ms. Mary decided after a count that all 100 eggs were found. Next, out came the sidewalk chalk and all the tiny kids decided to draw all kinds of things on the sidewalks. Aren’t they smart? Last, they ran back to the Kid’s Section of the library for the PARTY! Ms. Mary served Cheetos, Little Debbie Snack Cakes and blue drinks. Nothing like a party at the library! Before they left, Ms. Dottie gave each a happy sack of candy. Thanks, Ms. Dottie. There is nothing like a sugar high. HA! HA! The library will be closed April 21.