Bunker Bed demonstrated in Mathiston

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Inventor John Campbell of Starkville is announcing his latest innovative idea in home safety: The Bunker Bed. The Bunker Bed is a reinforced steel bed frame designed to protect an entire family from the ravages of violent weather. This frame, when installed in the family home, looks and functions as a standard bed. With the onset of violent weather, an entire family can enter the Bunker Bed and be protected from the damage that can be caused by falling trees, flying debris and collapsed buildings, according to a news release. “The innovative design of the Bunker Bed is simple, convenient and affordable for all families in storm prone areas,” stated the release. “While most storm shelters are located outside of the home, exposing victims to the elements, this shelter is as close as the bedroom. This will allow storm victims to simply roll out of bed and into safety.” Awaits Testing In Mathiston on Saturday. Campbell demonstrated the strength and functionality of the Bunker Bed by parking a 5,000-pound tractor on top of a fully made up and functional bed. The demonstration was conducted in the parking lot of the vacant Red Kap building. “If the frame of this bed can protect a bunch of balloons from the weight of a tractor, then it can certainly protect a family from falling trees and collapsed houses,” said Campbell. “This is a design that is easy to install and convenient to use when violent weather develops. It utilizes space in a home that typically gets ignored as a place for protection.” Campbell plans to have the Bunker Bed fully tested and evaluated by independent laboratories before selling the product to the public. This testing will take place in the next few months and he expects to have the finished product available before the end of the year. Announces plans to manufacture in Mathiston “Once tested and approved as a storm shelter, the Bunker Bed will be manufactured in Mathiston,” the release stated. Spokesman Jon Maynard, contacted Monday by the Progress-Times, said Campbell plans to manufacture the product in the former Red Kap/Front Line Apparel building, although that was not confirmed with Campbell or town officials as of publication. Campbell and Maynard were to attend the Mathiston Board of Aldermen meeting Monday night. Immediate pre-orders will be taken by prospective customers in order to have the Bunker Bed installed as soon as the production begins. Campbell has proven his innovative engineering and design skills for home protection with his most recent product, the Ram-Lock. The Ram- Lock is a doorframe security and safety device that has proven effective against burglaries and wind damage from tornadoes and hurricanes. This product is listed in the FEMA catalog and recommended for installation on all exterior doors in tropical storm zones. The Ram- Lock was tested using an air cannon firing an 8-foot 2×4 stud from 16 feet away. Using a 60-psi air charge the 2×4 traveled at 23 feet per second, resulting in an impact equivalent to a 156-mph wind — stronger than Hurricane Katrina. Ram-Lock did not budge. Plans Film About His Life Campbell is also an author, screenwriter and film producer. According to a Feb. 26 article in The Starkville Dispatch, Campbell was preparing to begin production on his second film, “From the Shotgun House to the White House.” The film is part documentary, part biography, said Campbell, who’ll be portrayed by Wendell Pierce of the television shows “The Wire” and “Law and Order.” In the article, Campbell was quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of vacant buildings that can be opened in ways that small business people can go into them as an incubator or something of that nature. It’s time for America to wake up and realize we can do a lot for ourselves if we give people a vehicle to use their ideas and bring something to the table.” Campbell said hopes the film, which should finish production in late summer, will inspire people who have more questions than answers about how to find work, provide jobs and sustain. For more information on Campbell and his story, visit the website http://www.shaverschoice.com/Day_Dreaming_Cottonsack.htm — News Editor Russell Hood contributed to this report.