Artist’s work hangs at Larry’s Restaurant

By Dottie Dewberry

MABEN — Patrons of Larry’s Restaurant have probably noticed the new conté crayon paintings that are matted and hung around the restaurant. What they probably did not know is that one of the wait staff is the artist. Miss Cathy Crow, the daughter of Shannon and Beth Crow, is responsible for the drawings on the walls of the newly reorganized restaurant. Cathy, a former student of Hebron Christian School and the Main Street Arts class in Starkville, received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Mississippi State University in 2011. When discussing her drawings, she said that the illustration boards were white but she did a color wash or watered-down acrylic, then she used the conté crayons. When referring to crayons, what this means is “any drawing material available in stick form. The term includes charcoal, conté crayon, chalk, pastel, grease crayon, litho crayon and children’s wax colors. The pigment is often bound with gum tragacanth or wax, and the sticks are wrapped in paper or embedded in wood (Internet).” Patrons will notice the choice of colors and the selections of objects to portray are beautifully harmonized with the surroundings. Parties interested in acquiring one of these drawings may contact her at The ones on the wall are unframed and are priced at $45 Check out her website (www. and see what else she can do.