Library serves up ŒGreen Eggs & Ham¹

Library serves up ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

MABEN — What is more typical than to have green eggs in March at the Maben Public Library on March 2.
It was another predictable day in March, windy and blustery, but the wind and threat of rain and storms did not keep a passel of children from ganging up around Ms. Mary to listen to her read “Green Eggs and Ham” about 90 miles per hour. Throughout the story the children would chime out the rhyming words, which is a good phonetic skill.
The story is about Sam I Am, who did not like green eggs and ham. No way no how did he like them, but one day he finally said that if they would leave him alone he would try them, amazingly enough he liked them.
The lesson: try new foods, you might like them
Then like all good story hours: time for food. Guess what they were going to get to try: Green eggs.
First Mrs. Mary cracked 1½ dozen eggs into a bowl, then she stirred and then all eight kids stirred, but when Ms. Mary poured them in the skillet, they were green. Now, how did that happen?
Before you knew it everybody had a plate of ham and green eggs, YUM! YUM! A few turned up their noses, but some ate several helpings including Ms. Dottie, who ate a whole plate full.
For the last few minutes Ms. Mary played a CD of “Green Eggs and Ham.” Imagine that. The kids spent a little while coloring before they gathered up books, gum and Mom to go home.
On April 6 and 7 the library will be closed for Easter.