Story Hour for the birds at Maben Library

[news] Story Hour for the birds at Maben Library For the Progress-Times
MABEN — “The Best Nest” was the story read during Story Hour on Feb. 24
at the Maben Public Library. Author P.D. Eastman wrote many books for children under the Dr. Seuss brand of Random House.
The story was about Mrs. Bird not liking her nest, so she and Mr. Bird looked everywhere for a new one. Some of the places were a boot, tree and mailbox. They settled on a church tower. It had lots of room and was quiet and they thought no one used it.
After collecting items such as yarn, soda straws, broom straw, mattress stuffing, horse hair and human hair (taken from a mustache), they built their beautiful new house. When Mr. Bird was happy he would sing a little song. He was happy about his new nest so he went to the top of the tower and began singing.
Meanwhile Mr. Parker came to ring the church bell as he did every day at 12 o’clock. The bell was right under the nest and Mrs. Bird got out of there as fast as she could. Mr. Bird came looking for her. He searched everywhere: down a chimney, in a water barrel, in a cat’s mouth.
Meanwhile it began to rain and to get out of the rain, Mr. Bird went back to his old nest. There he found Mrs. Bird and she was singing, “I LOVE my house!” A mother bird can change her mind — you see, there’s no nest like an old nest — for a brand new baby bird!
After the story, the children made birdfeeders with peanut butter and birdseed for birds like the cardinal and the robin, and hung them outside at the library on the Magnolia trees. They then enjoyed peanut butter and crackers and juice. Also a little Play-Doh fun was had by all.